Corporate Hit

Make the most of your lunch break! Get in and get out with our 30 minute HIIT class. A full body cardio and weight based session that target all those troubling areas. So step away from that office chair and get active.


Want to get a full body workout in? Then this is the class for YOU! Circuit gets you up and moving through an assortment of interval training and cardio/weight exercises aimed to getting you the results you want and fast.

Strength Revolution

They say strong is the new sexy! Strength revolution gives you opportunity to build and develop muscular strength, power and endurance. Lift heavier, kick harder, row further, run faster, ride longer. Your strength revolution beings now!HJ

Box ‘N’ Burn

High-energy workout, which incorporates fundamental boxing techniques such as combos, knees and kicks. This workout is excellent to increase fitness levels, tone and increase overall body strength.

Fat Burner

If you’re looking to tone up, slim down and shed those extra kilos, our Fat Burner class is the perfect solution. This class is designed to give you a full cardio workout that will help you burn off excess calories.

Bell Fusion

Kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells fused together to bring you one incredible workout. Help kick all your fitness goals into gear by working multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and conditioning and all over muscular endurance and fitness.